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EastLincs bath styles and ranges


Baths are more than just simply there to clean your self but more for relaxation as well. There is nothing better than finishing a days work with a nice hot bath or soaking in a deep bath to free your aches and pains.

We have many ranges available to suit the exact look your are wanting to achieve for your dream bathroom.

Standard and square baths styles

Standard baths

Standard baths dont have to be boring. There are many styles and sizes to make your perfect bath time a dream come true.

Free standing baths styles

Freestanding baths

Freestanding baths are designed to bring all bathrooms the more luxirious looks available in many ranges from more modern styles to contemporary ones.

Shower baths styles

Shower baths

Shower baths come in various sizes and styles including the more rounded appeal or more modern square appeal.

Sidefilling baths styles

Side filling baths

Side filling baths allow you to relax at each end with out the obstruction of the taps.

Corner baths

Corner baths

Corner baths are ideal for bathrooms that cant quite fit a normal bath in. They give you all the room you need but fit perfectly in to a corner.

Whirlpool baths

Whirlpool baths

Also known as Spa bath are a great way for that extra luxury in your bathroom. Get the spa feeling right at home!.

Sttel bath styles

Steel baths

Steel baths are not just a thing of the past, you can choose from a wide range of steel baths.